Monday, October 26, 2015

Customizable aspr_ide.dll With Source Code

Sometimes, after unpacking an asprotect target, the application may still rely on the functions and procedures provided by asprotect in its aspr_ide.dll. While the sdk allows for custom functions to be added to it, the generic functions include  CheckKeyAndDecrypt, SetUserKey, GetHardwareID, GetTrialExecs, GetExpirationDate, GetRegistrationKeys, CheckKey, GetModeInformation, GetRegistrationInformation, GetTrialDays, GetKeyDate, and GetKeyExpirationDate. The aspr_ide.dll and its source code provided below simulate all of these functions and return the correct values to register the application. Using the delphi source code, you can modify it to fit the requirements of your target.

aspr_ide.dll Download:

Source Code Download:

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